The World Lupus Federation invites everyone around the world to participate
in the 16th annual observance of World Lupus Day.

A global health problem, lupus affects people of all nationalities, races, ethnicities, genders
and ages. Lupus can affect any part of the body in any way at any time, often with unpredictable and life-changing results. While lupus knows no boundaries, knowing all you can about lupus
can help control its impact.


A global call-to-action on behalf of the millions of people affected by lupus.


2018 Survey Shows Misconceptions about Lupus.


Learn about the devasting impact of lupus affecting millions.

World Lupus Day 2019 Manifesto

We are warriors -- determined to bring an end to the devastating impact of lupus. Read our manifesto and understand why we need your participation and support

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World Lupus Day Proclamation

Government leaders around the world are issuing proclamations declaring May 10 as World Lupus Day and calling for more research on lupus, greater public awareness of lupus symptoms, and support services for those affected by the disease

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Insightful International Survey

A large-scale 16-nation survey reveals that low awareness of lupus results in public misconceptions about the disease. Raising awareness of lupus and improving understanding of the challenges that people living with the disease face is an important goal of the new World Lupus Federation, a coalition of global lupus patients.

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Key Findings

Global Twitter Poll

A Twitter poll conducted last year provided insight into the concerns and misconceptions that confront people with lupus every day. The lack of understanding contributes to the stigmatization of people with lupus, often leaving them feeling isolated from family and friends.

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What Others Are Saying About World Lupus Day

A welcome step towards raising awareness of this difficult to diagnose, uncommon, often invisible and unpredictable disease.

Chris Maker, Director,
Lupus UK

Through this effort, much needed awareness will come about to give lupus the recognition and understanding it deserves and needs.

Tanya Carlton, Volunteer VP,
Lupus Canada

World Lupus Day helps create awareness, raise a voice for people with lupus, and equip countries to better serve people with lupus globally.

Ayu Bisono, Yayasan
Lupus Indonesia